Archives for December 2014

Christmas Orders

Cartoon Cufflinks

Hello again! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. The team at Personalised Cufflinks have had a nice break and are back refreshed and happy to help. In the mean time I thought we would share a photo of a few of our favourite orders from the Christmas period. The man hit seemed to…

Cartoony Cool

Cufflinks with cartoon image

Cartoony Cool I knew the moment I saw this image on the screen that it would make a fantastic pair of personalised cufflinks. The customer is an illustrator and wanted to wear his work on his sleeve during his wedding day.  A great idea! If you would like to create the most unique cufflinks in…

Gold QR

Cufflinks with QR code

Gold QR Hi! Just thought we would show off how good our gold QR cufflinks look! We’re proud of them! On the whole our customers seem to go for silver QR cufflinks but we do love them in gold. A treat for us to make these. This particular customer sent us a google maps reference…